Never miss a sales lead again! Supercharge your business with Callspree

You manage your business, we will manage your leads.

“Cold calling is passé, let the calls come to you. Leave the heavylifting to Callspree.”

How Callspree works

Callspree helps you automate inbound calls in just a few steps.

1. Visitor Clicks Widget

Customize your call widget to catch your visitor’s attention by improving your widget’s click-through rate with continuous experimentation.

2. Capture Lead Data

Capture data from interested web visitors, and offer them a free callback from our callback software

3. We Call visitor

Automatically start calling your sales team as per the schedule and rules that you’ve set up. If the call goes unanswered, Callspree will wait and retry again.

4. Connect With Customers

Once the agent is assigned they will instantly connect to your web visitors through a 2-way phone connection.

Integrate with your
website in matter of minutes


Want your website to generate more inbound sales calls? Click on create widget to get started!


Customize the appearance of your callback widget to grab your website visitor’s attention.


Define when, how, from where and at what time you want your visitors to call your business.


Get started by adding a couple of lines of code to your website or landing page.

Convert visitors into customers

Personalize Call Widget based on Your Website Theme

Widget Customization

Personalize the widget based on the look and feel of your website, with custom form fields, background image, color, font matching your website - No compromises.

Maximize Your Sales Effectiveness with Advanced Call Routing

Advanced Call Routing

We use industry-forward technologies to enable you to route calls in the most intelligent manner. Agent is busy? No problem; pass onto the next available agent. Or divert calls based on teams and customer queries. It's that easy.

Get a callback immediately

Instant callback

Customers are at their peak buying intent when they are actively browsing your website. Make it count with an Instant callback.

In -dashboard
Analytics to understand customers

Advanced Call Analytics

Our feature-packed dashboard helps you see all your customer data in one place. Now track & monitor all your sales leads, analyze their website behavior, and make necessary optimization decisions right from the dashboard. Callspree is not just a widget, it's the complete package.