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Capture visitors on your site and convert them into calls and sales deals automatically 24/7

Widget Settings

Custom Widget

Create, Customize and embed widgets so that your site visitors can effortlessly connect with you through phone calls. Change the background image, add custom texts, and personalize widget colours on the fly.

Instant Callback

Cut the wait time, connect your prospective customers with the most qualified representative within seconds. Because business need not wait when your customer is right at your door.

Schedule calls

Scheduling calls have never been easy. Let your customers schedule calls at their own pace, at their own available time. You can in return route those calls to the best available representative who can convert your prospects into paying customers.

Custom SMS

Increase the odds of converting prospects into paying customers by following up with the caller with a custom text message right after the call ends.

Out of Office Mode

Callspree also allows you to manage off-hour calls. Unlock its full potential by capturing leads even when you're offline.

Create unlimited call widgets

Create a custom, new widget for every web website that you own. Be truly limitless!.

Customizable text field

Capture all the information you need, where you need, when you need it. All with the help of our customizable text field option.

Widget sound effects

Sound travels faster than you can imagine. Instantly catch your visitor's attention through custom sound effects.

Call Playback

Save your calls on the go, and play it back later to extract valuable customer insights.

Multiple Call Assistants

Increase team efficiency, reduce internal conflicts, and improve your business productivity by using multiple call assistants.

Greeting Music

Greet your caller with a custom music, keep them engaged while they are waiting for the next available representative. Choose from our gallery of hundreds of music, or upload one of your own.


Never miss a sales again. Make use of auto-dialler in case your visitor didn't pick up your last call.

Call Queuing

Nobody likes waiting. Synchronously route calls to the next available agent. While callers on the wait you can play a custom message of your own.

Site Analytics

Visitor insights

Visitor stats are as important as the visitors. Get a detailed visitor profile right on the dashboard including Location, IP Address, OS, number of website clicks, and form submits.


Every visitor is important, treat them accordingly. Notes come in handy when you want to save important information about a visitor for future reference.

User Roles

Define appropriate admin & user roles for your agents so your business keeps running like a well-oiled machine.

Email Notification

Get notified about calls instantly, as and when it happens.

Call Analytics

Call Insights

Derive more from every call. Check call duration, view caller ID, verify phone number, and learn more about the caller right from the dashboard.

Visitor-agent details

Map visitor details with that of the agent, and check which agent received which call and at what time.

Call-flow graph/diagram

Get nerdy with the call-flow graph. Verify the sequence in which the conversation took place, analyze the drop-off points and make necessary optimizations.

User history

Unravel the depth of user history by checking the number of times they visited the website, and the action they took in an easy to understand calendar view.

Custom IVR

Build custom interactive voice response system(IVR) to funnel calls to the respective department or agent depending on customer query.

Intelligent Call Routing

We use advanced routing algorithms to improve the visitor-agent compatibility. Take complete control of your business, and route calls based on location, time, and keypress so the visitor is connected to the right agent, at the right time.

Call Schedule

Call scheduling now at your fingertips. Allow your visitors to seamlessly schedule calls right through the widget.


Never miss a sales again. Make use of auto-dialler in case your visitor didn't pick up your last call.

Holiday & Breaks

Let your business run even when you're out. Block your calendar, and set holidays in advance, so your prospective customers can schedule a call at your next availability when your agents are online.


Number blacklisting

Safeguard yourself from spammers, and save valuable resources by simply blacklisting their numbers.

Country blocking

We also allow you to block an entire country in case you receive frequent spam calls from the same geographic location.

Email blacklisting

Blacklist an email address, or the entire domain name in case of constant violations.

GDPR Ready

Your information is in safe hands. Our product adheres to the complete GDPR framework, so our UK brethren are not left out!