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Apr 30, 2020
Landing pages are an important part of the Inbound Methodology, but only a few years ago the average business owner was unfamiliar with landing pages and how to get the most out of them. Today, marketers everywhere not only use it, but do everything to optimize their performance. They look at buyer behavior, page load time, form length and more to get the most conversions. Here are 5 important strategies about landing pages to give you more insight into the role of landing pages in your buyer’s journey and how to get more out of it.

1. Understand your campaign goals

You would think the objective is obvious, but what we found is that one of the biggest issues with most landing pages is that they lack focus on a particular goal or CTA. Many landing pages commit the mistake of having multiple offers that confuse users and make them lose sight of the conversion aspect of the landing page. It is key to create landing pages that focus on a single offer or solution; In this way, its users do not lose sight or get confused.

2. Make a strong first impression with your header

It takes just a fraction of a second for an average web user to decide if he likes your site or not. The header of your landing page will be the first thing visitors will see on the site, so you should transmit exactly what you have promised through your campaign. You must instantly match the expectations of your visitors and be very clear on what they should do next, that is: complete a form or interact with your CTA.

3. Create an extremely compelling call to action

Your CTA should be so prominent that it can’t be missed. Once you make the correct impression, the next most important part of your page is the conversion action that you want visitors to do. This can be a call to action button (CTA) or a simple form. Either way, it should be located in such a way that it’s either the first or second thing which the user sees. You should also use a simple and direct language that makes it clear what visitors will receive when participating, such as “Download our FREE guide!”, “Get a FREE demo” or “Talk to our experts.”

4. Page loading time matters

You can spend hours creating the right landing page with the perfect images and content, but it won’t matter if the loading time is high. It is mandatory that your landing page loads in a few seconds, or be ready to say goodbye to your user. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights comes in handy when you need the necessary suggestions regarding page loading speed. Be sure to fix the suggested issues not just to improve the speed of your page, but also to help SEO. Remember the speed of your landing page is a decisive factor; Make sure it loads in a few seconds.

5. Be authentic and credible

Show your credibility to visitors. It’s also smart to include some “trust elements” on your landing page. These are content assets such as business certifications, privacy policies or client/customer testimonials that can have a great impact on the number of visitors who trust you. The reviews of a verified external entity can be extremely effective and an influential factor for potential leads. The goal is simply to let visitors know that you are a trustworthy and reliable operator who delivers the promised benefits.

6. Conduct A / B testing for your landing pages

This is a mandatory step to improve the conversion rate of your landing page. Remember, when you use the right tool to target and test your landing page, you have the opportunity to increase the conversion rate of the landing page by up to 300 percent. The biggest problem which marketing specialists lack is using the right tool to test their landing pages. A / B tests allow you to test various designs and landing page content to understand which one works best for your target audience. You can begin A / B tests by segregating your audience, but the adoption of a dedicated tool allows you to analyze your results better. Only after launching, testing, learning and optimizing can you improve and see better conversion rates through your landing pages. To overcome all obstacles and get maximum conversions from your landing page, call us for a free demo.
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