The Worst Customer Service Mistake You May be Making

The Worst Customer Service Mistake You May be Making

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Apr 30, 2020

In a time where everyone is going through a shock event, we know that an effective marketing strategy includes putting your customers first. And most often you’ll notice that it can be rather frustrating when you not only forget to put the customer first but forget to acknowledge or address interactions with them when they reach out to you.

We’ve experienced bad customer services at some point in our buying process. Maybe it was at the consideration step, the purchase step, or the after-sales service. As a business trying to get through today’s economic and marketing crises, failing to establish a meaningful connection toward the brand your customers engaged with, can cause plenty of financial frustration to your business.

There has been tremendous improvement and advancement in today’s customer services industry with new technology, CRM systems, and most importantly, social media, giving you an opportunity to garner trust and build your brand loyalty. Not offering good customer experiences can leave you dealing with the consequences of it.

Today with the expansion of digitization, the consequences of a poor customer service experience is no more just a one-on-one conversation on a private chat or a phone call.

Bad customer experience is now out in the open for everyone to see and pass judgment. As a business today you must definitely know the cost of a bad customer service experience, in real dollars.

Despite all the way you can be offering bad customer experience, the worst possible one is the “No Reply.” Customers today want human interaction, they want you to reach out to them and tell them why they need your product or service and how it’s going to change their life.

They want you to help them use your product, they want you to show them that you care about how they feel and not just look at them as dollars in your piggy bank. And the “No Reply” is the worst thing you can do for your business when it comes to offering good customer experience.

The most disappointing customer experience is when a company declines to acknowledge customers initiated the contact. Whether it was a phone call to customer service that never gets answered, an email that goes unnoticed, a stupidly idle chat, or a website visit that didn’t solve queries, regardless of the channel, no response is just frustrating, and yet, it still happens.

Here are a few ways the “No Reply” can be deadly to your brand.
Retention takes a big hit when you can’t accommodate customers who have already paid for your product or services and need help with queries or after-sale support. Not acknowledging this set of users can hurt your brand through bad reviews and social declaration of bad services.

Lead generation – Top of the funnel users, just inquiring about your business are hot leads and if left ignores can start their journey with your competition.
With tools, technology, and even manual systems being easy and accessible to manage customer engagement, there really is no excuse to not reply at all even if you are a small company. So if your digital response rate is less than perfect, fix it now.

The most critical component of great customer experience is enabling elegant, painless interactions. Let us help you. Visit us at Callspree to know more about our services and how we can help you.

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